"An excellent book, well-written and nicely produced." … "A substantial contribution to our understanding of maritime culture during the Age of Sail." … "Essential reading for anyone interested in Western maritime culture."
--Journal of Anthropological Research

"Offers some remarkable and valuable insights into a seldom-explored area of maritime culture and belief."
--International Journal of Maritime History

"A pioneering study of a neglected component of Anglo-American maritime culture...convincingly demonstrates the centrality of death to maritime culture and will become required reading for anyone interested in Anglo-American maritime culture."
--Winterthur Portfolio

“Adroitly employs gravestones and memorials as material culture to reconstruct the maritime cultures of England and Anglo-America during the Age of Sail… Given its folkloric frame and the first research of its kind in the maritime arena, it will take its place as an ancillary to Beck’s seminal work, Folklore and the Sea.”
--American Antiquity

“Looks beyond the maritime folk group to examine changing attitudes towards death and remembrance in Anglo-American culture.”
--Sea History