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Cassadaga: The South's Oldest Spiritualist Community

Tells the story of the south's oldest spirtualist community, Cassadaga, founded in central Florida over a century ago on the principle of continuous life, the idea that spirits of the dead commune with the living. This is the first serious work to examine

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Castles in the Sand: The Life and Times of Carl Graham Fisher

This definitive biography of the famous developer traces the life of a fascinating entrepreneur. Born in Indiana, Fisher helped build the Indianapolis Motor Speedway and headed promotion for the Indy 500. But these feats were only prologue to his grandest

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Category 5: The 1935 Labor Day Hurricane

A frightening account of the first Category 5 storm to strike the U.S.

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Catholic Nostalgia in Joyce and Company

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Celebrating Florida: Works of Art from the Vickers Collection

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Center of Dreams: Building a World-Class Performing Arts Complex in Miami

Discover how one spectacular building project revolutionized Miami, how one man’s moxie helped turn a fractious tropical city into a cultural capital of the Americas. In Center of Dreams, New York Times bestselling author Les Standiford tells the inspiring story of the Adrienne Arsht Center for the Performing Arts.

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Ceramic Production in Early Hispanic California: Craft, Economy, and Trade on the Frontier of New Spain

In the eighteenth and early nineteenth centuries, much of what is now the western United States was known as Alta California, a distant corner of New Spain. The presidios, missions, and pueblos of the region have yielded a rich trove of ceramics materials, though they have been sparsely analyzed in the literature. Ceramic Production in Early Hispanic California examines those materials to reinterpret the economic position of Alta California in the Spanish Colonial Empire.

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Ceramics of Ancient America: Multidisciplinary Approaches

This is the first volume to bring together archaeology, anthropology, and art history in the analysis of pre-Columbian pottery. While previous research on ceramic artifacts has been divided by these three disciplines, this volume shows how integrating these approaches provides new understandings of many different aspects of Ancient American societies.   

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The Ceramics of RĂ¡quira, Colombia: Gender, Work, and Economic Change