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Becoming Object: The Sociopolitics of the Samuel George Morton Cranial Collection

This book considers the vast collection of skulls amassed by Samuel Morton in the first half of the nineteenth century, using a biohistoric approach to take a close look at the times in which Morton lived, his work, and its complicated legacy.

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Mesoamerican Osteobiographies: Revealing the Lives and Deaths of Ancient Individuals

Drawing from a variety of sites throughout Mesoamerica, this volume presents a collection of osteobiographies, which analyze skeletons and their surroundings alongside historical, archaeological, ethnographic, and other contextual data to better understand the life experiences of individuals.

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Exploring Ontologies of the Precontact Americas: From Individual Bodies to Bodies of Social Theory

This volume engages with social theory and considers diverse, non-Western worldviews to explore concepts of life and death in past societies of the Indigenous Americas.