The Christmas Eve Cookbook:
With Tales of Nochebuena and Chanukah

Ferdie Pacheco and Luisita Sevilla Pacheco

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About The Columbia Restaurant Spanish Cookbook:
"A double bargain since it includes both the history of an elegant and popular family restaurant and 178 recipes. . . . A must-read for all food and history lovers."--Florida Living

About Ybor City Chronicles:
"Sometimes the most valuable memories are best labeled 'stretchers,' to use Huckleberry Finn's term. Ferdie Pacheco's nostalgic account of his childhood can confidently be called a stretcher . . . the memory of a neighborhood of family and friends inextricably tied together by custom, values, and concerns. The reader can actually see the place as he saw it."--New York Times Book Review

"Reads like oral history, behind which one senses a practiced storyteller--a big, hearty, entertaining fellow who can talk about himself for hours, and does. . . . He can make you laugh out loud in a room alone."--Washington Post

About Pacheco's Art of Ybor City:
"This jewel of a book proves once again that the author is indeed a man of all seasons. . . . Recommended for inclusion in any Florida history collection and any collection of art books."--Florida Times-Union

In this beautifully illustrated collection of nearly 200 recipes and 19 holiday stories, Ferdie Pacheco and Luisita Sevilla Pacheco create a holiday melting pot of immigrant lore and cuisine in America.
The book begins in Ybor City, where Ferdie Pacheco grew up in the 1930s and '40s, an immigrant utopia of Cubans, Spaniards, Jews, and Italians in Tampa, Florida. Pacheco's own Latin heritage sets the stage for the book's focus on Christmas Eve, or Nochebuena--for Latin families often the biggest feast day of the season, when friends and family sit around a table laden with traditional dishes, telling stories that grow more colorful each year.
As the Pachecos know, however, the beauty of American holiday celebrations is their rich diversity, and so they range well beyond Ybor City, collecting recipes and stories--old and new--from Cuban, Spanish, Italian, Sicilian, Mexican, and Jewish friends around the country.
A master story-teller, Pacheco recounts tales that are by turns hilarious, moving, and inspiring. Known to many as "The Fight Doctor," Pacheco includes a delightful Nochebuena story about his daughter Tina and Muhammad Ali.
Recipes are organized by nationality and type of food, including appetizers, salads, gravies and sauces, soups and stews, meats, game, seafood, pasta and dumpling dishes, rice and bean dishes, tamales and chili, vegetables, jellies, desserts, and drinks.
Together these recipes, stories, and Ferdie Pacheco's own wonderful illustrations remind us that while no two Christmas Eve or Chanukah celebrations in America are ever quite the same, they all have in common the love of good food and a good story. The Christmas Eve Cookbook offers enough of both to make the holidays last all year round.

Nochebuena storyteller Ferdie Pacheco, M.D., has worn the hats of family doctor (including a stint as Muhammad Ali’s personal physician), Emmy-winning TV boxing commentator, historian, artist, playwright, screenplay writer, and author of six books, three published with University Press of Florida--Ybor City Chronicles, Pacheco's Art of Ybor City, and, with Adela Gonzmart, The Columbia Restaurant Spanish Cookbook--and Fight Doctor, Muhammad Ali: A View From the Corner, and Renegade Lightning.
Nochebuena chef Luisita Sevilla Pacheco, formerly a professional dancer, choreographer, and teacher of flamenco, is also a photographer (her work appears in Fight Doctor and View From the Corner) and a wonderful cook. She and her husband, Ferdie, live in Miami.

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"The New American Circus is an excellent pioneering study of these new circuses. This is a most worthwhile and notable contribution which will appeal to a wide cross-section of audiences, much like the subject which it serves to document. It is supplemented by a series of handsome colour plates, in addition to numerous black and white photographs, and index, and a useful bibliography for those wishing to pursue further research."
--Theatre Research International

"Those whose skill is in the kitchen will appreciate The Christmas Eve Cookbook by husband-and-wife team Ferdie and Luisita Pacheco . . . The book contains more than 200 recipes and 25 holiday stories, and the authors call on their Latin heritage to create original dumpling, pasta, rice, and bean recipes." -- ForeWord

"Ferdie Pacheco and his wife Luisita Sevilla Pacheco stir up a melting pot of immigrant lore and cuisine in America." -- Publishers Weekly
--Publishers Weekly

"Much can be said for a cookbook containing 178 Spanish recipes for both holiday and everyday meals. Um, um, good." -- Naples Daily News
--Naples Daily News

"A thoroughly enjoyable and practical exploration of Christmas ethnic cooking and customs."

"A treasure you must possess." -- La Gaceta
--La Gaceta

"A wonderful piece of Floridiana." -- Jacksonville Times-Union
--Jacksonville Times-Union

"A wonderful book that should be extra special to Tampa residents."
--Tampa Tribune

"Not just a collection of recipes for ethnic holiday dishes, however, for the Pachecos mingle stories with their directions for preparing Kreplach and puttanesca. This could be a handy guide for families that wish to mix their usual traditions with some new ones."
--Richmond Times-Dispatch

"A thoroughly enjoyable and practical exploration of Christmas ethnic cooking and customs."

"From empanadas to chopped liver, from rib roast to pasta fresca, all of our kitchens are gearing up for the coming gustatory revelry. To help, The Christmas Eve Cookbook With Tales of Nochebuèna and Chanukah by Ferdie Pacheco and Luisita Sevilla Pacheco offers recipes and stories for the holiday season." Niela Eliason, St. Petersburg Times
--St. Petersburg Times

"A sparkling gem just in time for holiday gift-giving . . . ofers something for all tastes and it is much more than a cookbook."
--Stuart News

"A wonderful selection of food and tales from Cuban, Spanish, Italian, Jewish and American cultures." -- Publishers Weekly
--Publishers Weekly

"Pacheco happens to be a master story-teller, a skill that elevates The Christmas Eve Cookbook, which he co-wrote with his wife Luisita Sevilla Pacheco, above mere collections of recipes and transforms it into a heartwarming celebration of Florida's diversity. . . . Don't overlook the recipes, however, the real reason for writing the book. Organized by nationality and types of food, the recipes collected by the Pachecos are easy to read and easy to follow. Warning: reading them will make you hungry. Part history, part culinary, part whimsy, The Christmas Eve Cookbook is a fantastic volume, full of information that will whet your appetite while touching your heart." -- Lake City Reporter
--Lake City Reporter

"There could be no more delicious holiday gift for anyone who loves Tampa Bay history than The Christmas Eve Cookbook With Tales of Nochebuena and Chanukah. . . . The new book serves up a big helping of stories and recipes from the Cubans, Spaniards, Italians and Jews who stirred Ybor City's melting pot for a century. They find the holidays a particularly rich time to celebrate Ybor's diversity. In their stories, you can spend Nochebuena with G-men and flamenco dancers, in fish markets and on the front lines of the Spanish Civil War, with characters from Muhammed Ali to Bicicleta the Scrooge." -- St. Petersburg Times
--St. Petersburg Times

"Creates a holiday melting pot of immigrant lore and ethnic cuisine, and includes wonderful black and white sketches from Ferdie's gifted pen, and photos of the era. . . . A magic mix of epicurean delight sprinkled with delectable, unforgettable stories." -- El Heraldo
--Ft. Lauderdale El Heraldo

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