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Stages to Saturn: A Technological History of the Apollo/Saturn Launch Vehicles
by Roger E. Bilstein

Essential reading for anyone seeking to understand the development of space flight in America and the course of modern technology, this reprint edition includes a new preface by the author providing a 21st-century perspective on the historic importance of the Saturn project.

Read the complete table of contents, preface and an eleven page excerpt from chapter two.

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Preface to the 2003 Edition

I. Prologue
1. Concepts and Origins

II. The Saturn Building Blocks
2. Aerospace Alphabet: ABMA, ARPA, MSFC
3. Missions, Modes, and Manufacturing

III. Fire, Smoke, and Thunder: The Engines
4. Conventional Cryogenics: The H-1 and the F-1
5. Unconventional Cryogenics: RL-10 and J-2

IV. Building the Saturn V
6. From the S-IV to the S-IVB
7. The Lower Stages: S-IC and S-II
8. From Checkout to Launch: The Quinessential Computer

V. Coordination: Men and Machines
9. Managing Saturn
10. The Logistics Tangle

VI. Step By Step
11. Qualifying the Cluster Concept
12. The Giant Leap

VII. Epilogue
13. Legacies

Appendix A--Schematic of Saturn V
Appendix B--Saturn V PreLaunch--Launch Sequence
Appendix C--Saturn Flight History
Appendix D--Saturn R&D Funding History
Appendix E--Saturn V Contractors
Appendix F--Location of Remaining Saturn Hardward
Appendix G--NASA Organization During Apollo-Saturn
Appendix H--MSFC Personnel During Apollo-Saturn
Sources and Research Material
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