Fifty Years of Revolution:
Perspectives on Cuba, the United States, and the World

Edited by Soraya M. Castro Mariño and Ronald W. Pruessen

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"A timely reassessment, by an impressive array of specialists, of a subject which has for too long been bedeviled by political partisanship and an excessive focus on personality; as a result, we learn much and understand more."--Antoni Kapcia, University of Nottingham

"Perfect rivals or partners? Fifty Years of Revolution accounts for a bilateral relationship that has defied reason, intuition, and good sense, but that can nevertheless be explained. Yet the question remains: how can Cuba and the United States relate to each other?"--Ana Covarrubias, College of Mexico

In the years since the Cuban Revolution in 1959, eleven men have served as president of the United States, arguably the most powerful nation on earth. Yet none of them has been able to effect any significant change in the stalemate between the United States and Cuba, its closest neighbor not to share a land border.
Fifty Years of Revolution features contributions from an international Who's Who gallery of leading scholars. The volume adopts a uniquely nonpartisan attitude, a departure from this topic's generally divisive nature.
Emerging from a series of meetings, conference panels, and lectures, the book coheres more strongly than the typical essay collection. Organized to analyze--not describe--Cuba’s foreign relations, the work examines sanctions, the embargo, regime change, Guantánamo, the exile community, and more.
Drawing from personal experiences as well as recently declassified documents, these essays update, summarize, and explain one of the prickliest political issues in the Western Hemisphere today.

Soraya M. Castro Mariño is professor at the Center for the Study of International Policy, Institute of Foreign Relations in Havana, Cuba. Ronald W. Pruessen is professor in the University of Toronto’s department of history and the Pulitzer Prize-nominated author of John Foster Dulles: The Road to Power.

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Offer readers a perspective on how international pressures affected Cuba's development. -- Book News

Reinforces the value of probing further the fundamental, mostly unspoken assumptions at the root of the US stance towards Cuba. -- International Affairs

A very comprehensive and interesting book. -- Canadian Journal of Latin American and Caribbean Studies

An unusually rich resource… enriches the political discussion about Cuba. -- H-Net Reviews

Provide[s] short overviews of Cuba’s Cold War relationships to Moscow, Europe, Canada, and the United States--while showing that U.S. foreign policy played a role in all of these cases. -- Reviews in American History

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