The Archaeology of Utopian and Intentional Communities

Stacy C. Kozakavich

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“Engaging. Kozakavich offers a compelling argument about the significant place of intentional communities in the American experience and beyond.”—Lu Ann De Cunzo, coeditor of Unlocking the Past: Celebrating Historical Archaeology in North America  
Utopian and intentional communities have dotted the American landscape since the colonial era, yet only in recent decades have archaeologists begun analyzing the material culture left behind by these groups. The case studies in this volume use archaeological evidence to reveal how these communities upheld their societal ideals—and how some diverged from them in everyday life.
Surveying settlement patterns, the built environment, and even the smallest artifacts such as tobacco pipes and buttons, Stacy Kozakavich explores groups including the Shakers, the Harmony Society, the Moravians, the Ephrata Cloister, the Oneida community, Brook Farm, Mormon towns, the Llano del Rio colony, and the Kaweah colony. She urges researchers not to dismiss these communal experiments as quaint failures but to question how the lifestyles of the people in these groups are interpreted for visitors today. She reminds us that there is inspiration to be found in the unique ways these intentional communities pursued radical social goals.  
Stacy C. Kozakavich is project director at William Self Associates, Inc.
A volume in the series the American Experience in Archaeological Perspective, edited by Michael S. Nassaney

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