Authority and Transgression in Literature and Film

Edited by Bonnie Braendlin and Hans Braendlin

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Well-known scholars in the fields of literature and film address the issues of authority and transgression as sociocultural phenomena, discussing such topics as male and female sexuality, socioeconomic formations, history and myth, the relative power of fictionality, genre, canon formation, cinematic conventions, and conventions of academic discourse.


1. Authority and Transgression in Literature and Film, by Bonnie Braendlin and Hans Braendlin

2. Who's Transgressing Now?: Some Comments on Gay and Lesbian Literature, by Catharine R. Stimpson

3. Reception, Representation, and the O K Corral: Shifting Images of Wyatt Earp, by William Luhr

4. Twin Cheeks, Twin Peeks, and Twin Freaks: Porn's Transgressive Remake Humor, by Peter Lehman

5. Violet Trefusis's Letters as Literature and Other Boundary Disputes: An Essay in Letter Form, by Kathrine Varnes

6. Mirrors, Echoes, and Music; Narcissus and Nietzsche in James Joyce's "A Painful Case" and "The Dead," by Cynthia D. Wheatley-Lovoy

7. The Maltese Phallcon: The Oedipal Trajectory of Classical
Hollywood Cinema, by Frank P. Tomasulo

8. Entrepreneurs and "Family Values" in the Postwar Film, by Jack Boozer, Jr.

9. The Apocalyptic Fantasy of Armando Ramírez: Crónica de los Chorrocientos mil días del barrio de tepito, by Mary Tyler

10. Heart of Darkness and Apocalypse Now: Reflectors of a Precarious Social Knowledge, by Preston Whaley

11. Working for the Company: Patriarchal Legislation of the
Maternal in Alien3, by Mark G. Schemanske

12. Racial Theory and Propaganda in Triumph of the Will, by Roy J. Schwartzman

13. The Japanese Feature-Length Film as Propaganda During World War II, by Philip Reines

Bonnie Braendlin is associate professor of English and Hans Braendlin is retired from the Department of Modern Languages, both at Florida State University. She is the editor of Cultural Power/Cultural Literacy (UPF, 1991), and he is the editor of Ambiguities in Literature and Film (UPF, 1988).

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