Twenty-First Joyce

Edited by Ellen Carol Jones and Morris Beja

Foreword by Zack Bowen, Series Editor
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"The diversity of issues in this collection is more than ample testimony not only to the continuing popularity of James Joyce but also to the seemingly endless fascination he generates in novel critical ways in which his work may be profitably addressed. If Joyce studies in the 21st century are as diverse and rewarding as the splendid essays compiled by Ellen Carol Jones and Morris Beja, there is no end in sight as to what possibilities Joyce will offer his readers."--From the foreword by Zack Bowen

By showing Joyce's continued relevance to literary scholarship in the new century, Twenty-First Joyce previews the future of James Joyce studies. The essays feature Joycean takes on various types of literary criticism, including linguistics, comparative studies, translation, and aesthetics. Some of the foremost Joycean scholars provide particularly strong examples of the value of cultural and comparative studies brought to bear on his work, and they demonstrate the extent to which James Joyce has affected and influenced our cultural, political, historical, social, and artistic awareness in the past century and his relevance and significance for the present.

Foreword by Zack Bowen
Nacheinander, Nebeneinander: The Joyce Centuries, by Ellen Carol Jones and Morris Beja
Part I. The Same People in the Same Place--or Different Places: Cultural Studies, History, Nationalism, and Transnationalism
1. "A Regular Swindle": The Failure of Gifts in Dubliners, by Mark Osteen
2. Joyce's Sacred Heart Attack: Exposing the Church's Imperialist Organ, by Mary Lowe-Evans
3. States of Memory: Reading History in "Wandering Rocks," by Anne Fogarty
4. Cyclopean Anglophobia and Transnational Community: Re-reading the Boxing Matches in Joyce's Ulysses, by Richard Brown
5. The True Story of Jumbo the Elephant, by Sebastian D. G. Knowles
6. Time Travel on Wings of Excess: "Ithaca" and a Message in a Bottle, by John Rocco
Part II. Dagger Definitions: Translation and Language
7. Joyce en slave / Joyce Enclave: The Joyce of Maciej Slomczynski--A Tribute, by Jolanta W. Wawrzycka
8. The Rebirth of Heroism from Homer's Odyssey to Joyce's Ulysses, by Keri Elizabeth Ames
Part III. The Incertitude of the Void: Modernist Narrative
9. Shocking the Reader in "A Painful Case," by Margot Norris
10. Joyce and the Origins of Modernism: . . . What Is Not Said in "Telemachus," by Morton P. Levitt
11. Condoms, Conrad, and Joyce, by Thomas Rice
12. Plausibility and Epimorphs, by Fritz Senn
13. Theoretical Bloom, by Zack Bowen

Ellen Carol Jones has taught English and international studies at St. Louis University. Morris Beja is professor emeritus of English at Ohio State University.

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"First-rate essays by prominent and gifted Joyce scholars." Choice

…a collection whose broad range of critical methodologies speaks both to the diversity and erudition of the contributors as well as the fact that in the 21st century, we are still learning to adequately read Joyce. South Atlantic Review (SAMLA)

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