"Anderson traces the development of Christian Zionism within American religious thought from the beginning of the 20th century, and the role it has played in shaping policy regarding Israel and the Middle East." Middle East Journal

 "Does a splendid job of tracing the origins and development of. . . the belief by an important number of Christians that the states of Israel is ordained by God -- part of his plan leading to the end times." "Brings a dispassionate appreciation to a subject so often fraught with misrepresentation. . .quite simply, the most readable and best on its subject."Biblical Foreign Affairs

 "Provides a thorough and helpful summary of the events in American and British diplomatic history that led to the formation and immediate recognition of the state of Israel in 1948, as well as the subsequent and still current policies that support Israel." Digest of Middle East Studies

 "A very useful introduction to the history of US-Israeli relations" "Adds the provocative argument that fundamentalist Christianity, both in Great Britain and the US, helped create a cultural climate that favored a restoration of the Jews to their homeland in Palestine." Choice

 "Timely and enlightening to all wishing to make sense of the cultural/historical context of conflict in the Middle East generally, yet specifically with respect to the protracted Israeli-Palestinian struggle for states of civil society and sovereignty over that long-embattled city that is Jerusalem." International Journal on World Peace

 "Much of what Anderson has to say about past American actions and attitudes toward the Arab-Israel conflict can be fruitfully applied to consideration of the current and multiple Mideast crises." The American Historical Review

 "Insightful analysis." Journal of Church and State