“In this exceptional volume, the authors bring archaeology to the study of this key conflict. Fifteen noted scholars contribute important articles on a good sampling of these forts and the military strategy they represented…an important contribution to a field of study that is just taking off. It sets the stage for new investigations of the dozens of frontier forts that remain unexplored.”
--American Archaeology

“A welcome addition to the history of this period….It is an exceptional volume for students of the French and Indian War at any level.”
--Northwest Ohio History

“Fills a large gap in the archaeological literature related to the French and Indian war… a fine collection.”
--Midcontinental Journal of Archaeology

“For anyone interested in the French and Indian War period, this book is invaluable.”
--Newsletter of the Archaeological Society of Maryland

“A must read for those with an interest in fortifications and military history… highly recommended.”

“A useful addition to the scholarship on forts, Native-European interactions, and military life on the colonial frontier during the Seven Years’ War and a fine example of the insights archaeologists can offer military historians.”

“The details of the various human artifacts dug up… will be fascinating to those persons interested in the material culture of colonial times and its relevance to contemporary social stratification, namely, the sharp contrast between the lower living standards of the hoi-polloi and the high life of the elites, afternoon tea and the like.”
--Journal of Military History

An essential source book for anyone interested in the physical characteristics and archaeological representation of mid-to-late eighteenth-century fortified sites in eastern North America.
--Illinois Archaeology

The first volume of its kind to examine French and Indian War frontier fortifications specifically, and by employing a combined archaeological and historical perspective it stands as a unique volume.
--Canadian Journal of Archaeology