UPF 75th



Would make [a] quite charming hostess [gift] this season.
--Haute Living

You just might lose track of time listening to their stories.
--Southern Foodways Alliance

The book is packed with great ideas even if the closest you get to fresh fish is the glass case at the supermarket.
--Charlotte Observer

It’s simply a gorgeous book from cover to cover.
--NWF Daily News

Plunges deep into Florida culinary traditions.
--Garden & Gun

Showcases the bounty of the watery Sunshine State.
--Edible Palm Beach

Showcases the state’s bounty of local fish and seafood and the devoted souls who harvest and cook them, from the Panhandle to the Florida Keys.
--The Palm Beach Post

No road is too narrow, no fishing hole too remote for author Pam Brandon and her team, who trek through Florida’s wetlands and shoreline in search of seafood recipes that reflect the diverse bounty of the Gulf. Good Catch crisscrosses the state in stories, recipes and delicious photos, uncovering uncommonly good recipes for oyster stew, guava-glazed mahimahi, Creole lobster and cocktails to match.
--360 West

The stories will charm you whether you’re a sucker for manatee nostrils peeking out of the water or you love stories about Floridians…. Good Catch is what happens when thoughtful, passionate women collaborate… [and] makes a great gift for anyone who loves food, fishing, folks and Florida.
--Miami Dish

By linking our waters and fisherfolk and generations of Floridians’ symbiotic relationship to the sea with what appears on our tables they create a cookbook as much for reading as for consulting recipes.
--Miami Herald

A fantastic guide.... Good Catch is brimming with beautiful photos, delicious recipes and stories straight from the fishermen bringing you their daily haul.

A delicious and warm introduction to the "hard-working farmers of the sea" as well as the state's fish and seafood bounty.
--Chicago Tribune

An authentic cookbook that takes the guesswork out of preparing the "best of Florida." Yep. There’s no "catch" with this cooking guide. It’s all about Florida seafood couples with local ingredients....The guide also tells interesting tales of the historic fishing villages along with profiles of hard working fishermen (and women) who bring "freshness" to our tables.
--Authentic Florida

Getting your hands on high-quality local food is step one. Figuring out what to do with it in the kitchen is a whole ‘nother challenge. Thankfully, we have Pam Brandon, Katie Farmand and Heather McPherson.
--Sarasota Herald-Tribune

An authentic cookbook that takes the guesswork out of preparing the ‘best of Florida.’
--Florida Today

Makes it easy to eat what’s in peak thanks to recipes organized by season.
--Orlando Sentinel