"Braukman's research is meticulous, and her 'page-turner' narrative offers a window into the past as one contemplates today's social, cultural, and political hatreds." … "A must read for social, cultural, and African American specialists and political scientists of the postwar era."

"Provides a valuable genealogy of right-wing, anti-gay, and anti-progressive organizations--how they grew and gave birth to similar organizations."
--The Gay & Lesbian Review

"One of the best, and the most important, books of the year."
--Lambda Literary

"Historians of the South, McCarthyism, and the rise of conservatism will benefit from Braukman's important book."
--Journal of American History

"A smart, pertinent, and readable work…Braukman neatly weaves a complex story into a chronological analysis of the FLIC’s motives, outcomes, and targets…this work unlocks, opens, and exposes what took place behind closed doors as he porkchoppers and their supporters aimed to suppress those they viewed as subversive…this work will serve as a foundational text for understanding the roots of the modern culture wars and renewed challenges to liberalism."
--Tampa Bay History

"Braukman's careful exposition performs a useful service."
--American Historical Review

"Braukman argues persuasively that attention to Florida politics is essential to an understanding of postwar political culture...reveals so compellingly the tangled cold war roots of the racial and sexual politics of the New Right."
--The Journal of Southern History

"A fine chronicle of this distressing episode in our history."
--H-Net Reviews

“Communists and Perverts under the Palms is the most comprehensive treatment of the Johns Committee, making it essential reading for those interested in this intriguing aspect of Florida history.”
--Florida Historical Quarterly