"If you're a Gil Brewer fan, this is a must-buy!"
--George Kelley,

"One of the great noir novelists of his era."
--James Reasoner, blogger

"You get twenty-five stories, Rachels' excellent introdction, a bibliography of Brewer's short fiction, and a note on the texts. You just can't go wrong. … The first-ever authoritative list of Brewer's short stories, with the best featured in a single volume."
--Bill Crider, blogger

"Brewer’s fevered Florida noirs throbbed with sultry, sexy tropic heat years before John D. MacDonald’s Travis McGee weighed anchor in Bahia Mar."
--The Seattle Times

"The stories have an atmosphere of dank mid-summer Florida heat and unrelieved squalor."
--Palm Beach Post

"These stories are HARSH. These stories are BRUTAL. These stories are an absolute HOOT… Reading these stories is like stepping into a forgotten world of fedora’s and fists, high pants and twists and maybe an occasional “babe” in a two piece bikini that you just know won’t have a happy demise."
--Milwaukee Public Library (blog)