“Brinkmann’s book… is the first of its kind about sinkholes.”
--News @ Hofstra

“If you want to understand sinkholes in Florida as well as anyone who’s not a scientist can, this book is a good place to start.”
--The Ledger

“Brinkmann has masterfully intertwined sinkhole science and policy and their interactions in a single easy-to-read book.”
--Florida Geographer

Brinkmann offers his reader what seems to be the most comprehensive story of Florida sinkholes currently in print. His book not only synthesizes decades of complex Florida sinkhole science and thousands of pages of written scholarly text on the matter into concise, clear, and engaging chapters, but also offers the reader an understanding of engineering solutions to sinkhole damage, sinkhole insurance, and its developmental history in the state, and the complexities of sinkhole policy.
--The AAG Review of Books

Outlines what is known and what is not yet known about this unsettling natural hazard. . . . and help[s] us understand much more about Florida’s sinkholes and our interaction with them.
--Florida Historical Quarterly