"Brown and Webb do a remarkable job with this giant undertaking. Race in the American South is a deep synthesis of many disparate fields and serves as a strong historiographical reference guide. Is a reference for all who are engaged in these topics and an in-depth introduction for those who aspire to be more engaged in them."

…an extensive and useful survey of the region's racial experience beginning with the colonial era's plantation system to the maturation of slavery in the nineteenth century, through the rise of a new social order during the Civil War and Reconstruction, to the civil rights movement of the twentieth century.
--The Courier: Tennessee Historical Commission

"Blessed with a willingness to confront the more difficult topics such as the stand of American revolutionaries on slavery or the ambiguous issues associated with mid-19th-century emancipation, Brown and Webb make an important contribution."

"Will benefit students who want an introduction to the complex histories of race and racism or to the scholarship that informs this discourse. The authors are especially successful in emphasizing the diversity of racial ideas and experiences among southerners."
--The Alabama Review

Outstanding Academic Title

"This highly accessible book is a fine overview of the literature and will prove useful in courses on race relations, African America, and the South."
--The Journal of Southern History

"Deserves a place of prominence on the bookshelf of any serious student of the American South."