UPF 75th



An excellent addition to the group of recent anthologies on North American transnational and borderlands history. . . . Entangling Migration History’s unique contribution to the field is its exciting mix of methodologies and scales across half the globe.
--H-Net Reviews

An important addition to the study of North American borderlands, one that challenges traditional disciplinary boundaries....[and] provides important theoretical contributions to several interrelated fields as well as promising insight into how to move them forward in the future.
--Western Historical Quarterly

The articles in this collection realize the fullest potential of the entanglement approach by going beyond the collection of data to combine the borderlands, transnational, and comparative methods in a complimentary and rigorous manner....These integrated forms allow scholars to move from the prolific search for data to the profound quest for understanding.
--Journal of American History

Enmeshes the stories of migration across the vast geographies of the local, the regional, the national, and the transnational.
--American Review of Canadian Studies

Offer[s] a great deal of insight on the complex history of Canada and the United States, their relations, and the evolution of borderlands.
--Journal of World History

A sense of entanglement pervades the volume, and the reader is continually reminded of the numerous and complex ways in which migration in Canada and the U.S. are intertwined, mutually constituted, and enmeshed in global processes. . . . A superb contribution to North American migration history.
--Social History