Offers a look at shrimp along the Gulf and Atlantic coasts in an engaging fashion that captures far more than simple recipes.
--Creative Loafing Tampa

Burgard’s compilation of all things shrimp-related does an incredible job of depicting the multi-faceted industry that shrimp brings to the South. Featuring over 100 recipes and shrimp-prep basics, this cook book is perfect for the seafood enthusiast.
--Southern Living

An ode not only to the crustacean, but also to those who have dedicated their lives to shrimp, from captains to the communities that support them.
--Local Palate

Spotlights many swoonworthy and shrimp-driven food formulas.
--Creative Loafing Tampa Bay

A super-dreamy read. In between shrimp-centric recipes, the book’s packed with entertaining features on marine biologists, trawler captains and topic s like American rice and the annual ritual of Mobile Bay, Alabama’s jubilee events in between shrimp-centric recipes, transporting readers to the strange and beautiful shrimping communities of coastal America.
--Creative Loafing Tampa Bay

Authentic recipes.
--Publishers Weekly