This ambitious book takes in the full corpus of Walcott; plays, essays, interviews, etc, as well as the poetry--and argues the essential unity of his (humanistic) vision.

"An important contribution to the study of Walcott's poetry and plays . . ."

"Both a scholarly volume that will be well received by specialists and a book that should be of interest to any student of Walcott's literature."
--The Times of London (Higher Education Supplement)

"Burnett's book, in short, while also constituting a magnificent tribute to all those scholars and critics who have gone before her, is definitely one of the finest, most complexly grained, and critically imaginative claims for Walcott's significance."

"a model of economy and tight construction" "very good on Walcott's aesthetic and technical strategies, particularly the mythopoeic framework of his thought, and the epic form which he frequently employs."
--New West Indian Guide