A dynamic biography of a remarkable scientific figure. . . . Fans of scientific history and those just looking for a fascinating new read are in for a treat. --
--Foreword Reviews

 In Jared Buss’s nuanced biography, the German-born rocket expert emerges as a spirited science educator whose promotion of space exploration paved the way for NASA’s triumphs. --

 Puts Ley’s career into a bigger picture of changing perspectives about science and society. --
--Space Review

 Buss rightly sheds light on a man whose sense of optimism and imagination exemplified American popular culture’s own feelings toward the future during this period. An engaging, accessible read that will appeal to anyone interested in the history of space exploration. --

 Buss . . . convinces us that while Ley was often quite literally behind the curtain he was a crucial architect of the spaceflight consensus and the narratives that supported it. Willy Ley will, no doubt, be a crucial Launchpad for further investigations of space history and the science fiction that is a part of it. --
--Science Fiction Studies