Adds a significant entry to the scholarship on soul music. . . . Throughout these profiles, a portrait of how racial segregation and post-Civil Rights Act integration in Florida affected both black and white musicians emerges. . . . Essential. -- Library Journal

 Entertaining and colorful . . . Assures that the Sunshine State gets its due alongside the musical hubs of Detroit, Memphis, and New Orleans. -- Publishers Weekly

 As Mr. Capouya brings the epoch, the genre and its creative music-makers to life, he shapes eloquent personality portraits that bring us inside the lives and minds of dozens of individuals we would not otherwise get to know. -- Florida Weekly

 [Capouya] looks at the music not only as entertainment but as an expression of the culture and history that surrounded it. -- Tampa Bay Times

 [Capouya’s] respect for the music, sound, and culture of Florida . . . will resonate for eons to come. -- HenryStoneMusic Blog

 It’s a fluent, well-written book filled with facts and a valuable source of information for classic soul music fans. -- Soul Express