"Clark employs crisp, clear prose and an ability to tie together many historical strands in order to construct his engaging nonfiction narrative. An important piece of reading for those fascinated by not only Florida politics but national political history as well."
--The Florida Book Review

"Clark offers a breezy, readable political narrative."
--Journal of American History

"Successful in providing both the casual reader and political scholar with a valuable tool which helps to shed light on a pivotal campaign in both the history of the state and nation."
--Florida Historical Quarterly

"Clark's research separates legend from fact and puts the race in the larger context of a changing, growing postwar Florida."
--Orlando Sentinel

"Clark mines, with special effectiveness and judiciousness, the state's major newspapers…to analyze this "rock 'em sock 'em" contest…"
--Journal of Southern History

"The mid-twentieth century was fascinating era in Florida’s politics…and james Clark’s Red Pepper and Gorgeous George makes a worthwhile addition to the related scholarship."
--Tampa Bay History

"A must-read book."
--Miami Herald

“Clark has written a savvy, persuasive book. His command of Florida politics is expert, and he has an eye for the ironies of American politics.”
--International Social Science Review