"Presents an impressive overview of the 'other' charismatic revival that is transforming Latin American churches."
--Religion Watch

"Research on religions in Latin America in the last forty years has shifted focus from liberation theology to ecclesial base communities to Pentecostal Protestantism to popular and indigenous religions. It is the first time in over five hundred years that Latin American Catholicism is becoming throroughly indigenized in its clerical and lay leadership roles and is able to grow not through cultural family traditions and foreign missionary activity but by stimulating voluntary and strong lay commitments among its own faithful. Cleary has clearly proven to be one of the most prolific and astute observers of religions in Latin America over the past half-century."
--Journal of Church and State

"An important overview of a much neglected story, that of the CCR in Latin America."
--Catholic Books Review

"An abundance of footnotes and a solid bibliography lends the readable book for students and teachers of Latin American studies, missionary movements, and Catholicism among Hispanics in Latin America as well as the United States."

"Attentive to questions of identity as they pertain to nationality and religion, allowing readers to glimpse the importance of Charismatic movements as they reinforce, challenge or remain separate of political orders."
--The Journal of Alternative and Emergent Religions

“An excellent introduction to the Charismatic renewal in Latin America and a much-needed corrective to depictions of the Catholic Church as a monolithic entity unable to respond to the challenges of growing religious pluralism.”
--Latin American Politics and Society

“A rich historical account… this wealth of information will be vital to future scholars of charismatic Catholicism.”
--Journal of Latin American Studies

Cleary demonstrates that CCR is a concrete expression of larger religious revivals undergoing in Latin America.
--Religious Studies Review

Giv[es] a comprehensive account of the biggest lay movement within the Catholic Church in Latin America today.

Offers a critical entry-point to this under-studied but vitally important aspect of the diffusion of Pentecostalism. . . . The emphasis on narrative and reflections based on Cleary’s fertile mind and a half century of experience yield a text rich in narrative-based insight-and full of possibilities for future researchers.

This compelling, well-researched book. . . . is highly readable and full of richly detailed information, which makes it an important contribution to Catholic Studies and Latin American History.
--Church History

An important resource for those interested in evangelical and ecumenical outreach. . . . This study will stimulate the depth of theological investigation that Protestant Pentecostalism and Catholic popular religion have already produced in a variety of disciplines.
--New Theology Review