"Clune and Stringfield have done a fine job in delivering what should be a lasting popular history of this historic city."
--Pensacola News-Journal

"An attractive, readable, and affordable book that distills the basics of colonial Pensacola with an engaging and colorful text. It is a volume that will appeal to both neophytes and experts. What a wonderful book to highlight the 450th celebration of Florida's historic city of Pensacola."
--The Florida Historical Quarterly

Offers a tantalizing glimpse into the history of the city between 1559 and 1821. . . . An important introduction to those who are interested in the history and archaeology of colonial Pensacola, colonial Florida, and the colonial Southeast’s place in the larger Atlantic world, as well as those individuals who are merely curious about the city’s vibrant past.
--Southeastern Archaeology

An impressive synthesis of decades of historical and archaeological research. . . . An outstanding contribution that truly celebrates the history of this unique colonial city.
--Historical Archaeology