"A lively introduction to Florida's political history from 1845 to the present." -- West Orange Times West Orange Times

 "A highly readable primer that both longtime residents and newcomers will find enlightening." -- Tampa Tribune Tampa Tribune

 "A must read for anyone who wants to understand Florida's 'colorful, complex, confusing, and occasionally bizarre' politics." -- Gainesville Sun Gainesville Sun

 ""Colburn and deHaven-Smith have produced a brisk, fast moving overview of Florida's government that packs a ton of useful information into its 167 pages. . . . An excellent book. Many Floridians -- teachers, journalists, political party officials, lobbyists and other opinion-shapers, civic leaders who deal with politicians, plus officeholders and government workers themselves -- should find this a valuable guide." -- Stuart News Stuart News

 "Residents of the state will find this a helpful starting point for understanding Florida's complex and chaotic political history and practices." -- Choice Choice