If Jeb Bush runs for the presidency in 2016… “Conservative Hurricane” will be a must-read for pundits and voters across the nation who want to be well-informed about how Bush can be expected to govern. --

 There couldn’t be better timing for the appearance of this exceptional study of Jeb Bush’s eight year reign as Florida’s governor… this is an excellent book which should be on every serious citizen’s reading list for the new year.--
--Voice of Reason

 Matthew Corrigan...has found himself a go-to source for the national media as Bush mulls a 2016 run for the presidency. --
--Florida Times-Union

 Anyone laboring under the misimpression that the former governor of Florida is some kind of mushy moderate will get a bracing reality check from "Conservative Hurricane,"--
--New York Sun

 A guide to Bush’s brand of no-nonsense conservatism--
--Washington Post

 Corrigan writes that Bush’s reforms were "long lasting and important,"... [and] that, far from adopting the centrist template used by Mitt Romney and other moderate G.O.P. governors, Bush was a conservative whirlwind.--
--The New Yorker

 Timely and insightful book.... [suggests] that if Jeb Bush were to be elected president, he would be a force to be reckoned with--
--The Weekly Standard

 Destined for now to be the definitive account of Bush’s eight years in Tallahassee.--
--The Weekly Standard

 An especially timely book, given Bush’s position as a top-tier presidential candidate.--
--Florida Politics

 The definitive rebuttal to those who portray [Bush] as a moderate.--
--Wall Street Journal

 Explains clearly and artfully how individual, structural, and temporal factors combined to help Governor Bush overcome Florida’s history of weak executives and push state policy in a conservative direction.--
--Florida Historical Quarterly