Early, a former Catholic priest himself, brings to his long account an insider's eye for the Catholic side of the story and for the personalities and careers of priests who struggled for decades to both reform Catholicism and find ways to empower Mayan Christians. -- CHOICE

 Early does an admirable job synthesizing the complicated history of how Maya and Catholic worldviews have overlapped, converged, and been in tension with each other, and even those well-versed on the subject will find new information or perspectives that makes this book a welcome new source. -- Anthropological Quarterly

 Wide ranging, well informed, and even-handed. -- American Anthropologist

 Early constructs detailed case histories of the Maya uprisings against the governments of Guatemala and Mexico. . . . His meticulous and insightful study is indispensable to understanding Maya politics, society, and religion in the late twentieth century. -- Anthropology and Mission

 A significant achievement that will serve anthropologists, church historians, missiologists, and others who understand that theory risks sterility without local knowledge, amply displayed here. -- Catholic Historical Review