An entertaining read, and would certainly be an excellent book to take along during visits to the south-eastern United States.

Takes us on an odyssey to the days when the natural landscape of the Southeastern United States bloomed with abundant diversity, when early naturalists first described the forests and rivers.
--Florida Democrat

Enjoy a glimpse into the lives of these early adventurers who explored our area, travel with Fishman as she describes the changes that have taken place through the years, and experience some delightful reading during the upcoming days and nights of our cooler winter.
--Florida Gardener

This volume will appeal to a wide audience of naturalists, conservationists, and others who are interested in preserving what remains of the American wilderness.
--Journal of Southern History

Fishman's biographies of these natural scientists blend American and natural history in an enjoyable style, mingling descriptions of her own travels through much of the same territory explored by the naturalists and her observations of the environmental changes caused by civilization. While Journeys will not serve as a single source of information about the lives and work of these naturalists, it will introduce interested readers to the challenges of their fieldwork and their contribution to the knowledge of natural science in this country.

The author weaves for us a book that is as much about history as about natural history through the profiles of 13 naturalists who endured great hardships as they explored the region over a 200 year span. It will especially appeal to those of us who yearn for the time when such exploration was occurring and who still seek small personal discoveries every time we encounter nature.
--Wildlife Activist

This is the book to get if you are looking for an introduction to the natural history of our region and the people who have explored it, and are also interested in how it has changed over the centuries.
--Florida Times-Union

A fascinating glimpse into the life history and personal motivations of these scientists-artists-explorers.
--Orlando Sentinel

Fishman, in a single volume, successfully brings to life the trials and tribulations of thirteen American naturalists, retracing their steps through Florida, Georgia, South Carolina and to a lesser degree the interior backcountry. An engaging history of America's most important pioneering naturalists, a notable environmental history of the coastal southeast, and throughout, a very good read.
--Georgia Historical Quarterly

This is the book to get if you are looking for an introduction to the natural history of our region and the people who have explored it.
--Georgia Times Union

Fishman's work reminds us to pay attention not only to our current landscapes, but also to the historical and geographical contexts that have shaped them.

Profiles thirteen curious men who explored North America's southesatern wilderness between 1715 and the 1940s and is also a personal travelogue as she experienced the landscape through their eyes.
--Indiantown News

Regales laics with vividly wrought versions of the lives and times of former botanists and ornithologists, fleshing out all their talents and human foibles in great detail, with accentuated tones of both admiration and empathy. . . . Fishman leads a kaleidoscopic tour of formerly wild places in the southeastern United States.
--Quarterly Review of Biology