"A fine introduction to a new subfield of archaeology that we are bound to hear more about in the near future."
--American Archaeology

"Richly informative."
--The Civil War Round Table of the District of Columbia

"This long-overdue archaeological study of military encampments takes a very important step forward in understanding Civil War soldier life…Highly recommended."

"Valuable additions to the historiography of the Civil War."
--Civil War Times

"Geier, Orr, and Reeves have put together an excellent assemblage of chapters…A well-designed and tightly produced volume."
--Journal of Middle Atlantic Archaeology

"The Editors have done a good job of connecting the studies and explaining the significance to be derived from each. Military archaeologists can ask and answer questions about soldier life that either supplement what we already know from personal accounts and reports or address issues that are not easily answered in those paper sources."
--Journal of Southern History

"The editors and authors are true preservation advocates. Their enlightened awareness of the fact that hobbyists know a great deal about the location, history, and material culture associated with encampments, leads them to creative partnerships where in the past there has been much conflict and little or no mutual respect. It is important that a wide audience pay attention to this volume."
--Blue & Gray Magazine

"This book will prove interesting to a wide variety of historical and military archaeologists, preservationists, historians, and those with a general interest in eighteenth and nineteenth century conflicts."
--Lone Star