UPF 75th



…rich, historical synopses and often inspiring expert forecasts…
--James Joyce Literary Supplement

…provide[s] readers of Joyce's Bloomsday Book--newcomers and veterans alike--with an invaluable survey of the relevant critical terrain and with a map for future exploration.
--English Literature in Transition, 1880-1920

…presents Joyce enthusiasts another useful tool with which to probe the myriad folds of meaning in Ulysses.

" This line-up of the great and the good is enough to gladden the heart of any Joycean. The collection offers a most valuable resource for undergraduates and, perhaps, graduate students daunted at the challenge of beginning work on Joyce. An important addition to any university library."
--Project Muse Modernism

" With its original interpretations, collective historiography, and predictive look ahead, could assist anyone charting a course on such interesting, ever-changing waters."
--James Joyce Quarterly