"Intellectually stimulating, original in perspective, and engagingly written. Graham’s book makes a major contribution to Maya archaeology, colonial history, and cultural studies." The Americas 69:3

 "a splendid achievement" Winterthur Portfolio

 Bring[s] to life the churches and communities of Lamenai and Tipu, two of the tiniest and most forgotten places in Spanish America.-- Latin American Research Review

 An insightful narrative, filling in the relatively blank academic expanse that has been Belize in the post-Classic and early colonial periods. . . . Undoubtedly, the contributions of Graham's text are numerous and vast, with implications for the larger field of Latin American history, from the pre-Columbian and arguably into the modern era. . . . Graham places Belizean sites within the larger framework of Mesoamerican and colonial history, giving a voice to the historical and religious experience of a too often overlooked Maya population.-- Colonial Latin American Review

 Deserves great praise and should be read by anyone interested in Mesoamerican and Iberian worldviews.-- Antiquity