"This is an important book about a natural World Heritage site that also has a rich human heritage." "As Florida and the nation embark on a massive financial commitment to preserve this region, this volume will be a guide to its rich Native past." - American Archaeology
--American Archaeology

"an accessible, comprehensive overview of Everglades archaeology for specialists and the general public." - Indian Artifact Magazine
--Indian Artifact Magazine

"As the only available synthesis of the archaeology of the Everglades, this book fills an important niche." - Choice

All readers interested in Florida's past will find much to gain in John W. Griffin's Archaeology of the Everglades. . . . Readers will gain a better understanding of the Native American experience in the ever-changing environment of south Florida.
--Florida Historical Quarterly

"A well-written book which adds immeasurably to our knowledge of South Florida archaeology." "…a crowning achievement to a lifetime of research. It is required reading for anyone interested in the archaeology of aquatic foragers, chiefdom development, or the archaeology of the Southeastern United States."
--Journal of Field Archaeology

"This is a valuable reference work for scholars interested in southeastern archaeology or for anyone looking for a thorough, well-written overview of the region."
--SMRC Revista

Offers a vivid glimpse into a rich cultural past in an oftentimes misunderstood and overlooked region of our country.