"Groden entwines critical insights with intimate confessions in Ulysses in Focus: Genetic, textual, and personal views. Humbled by Ulysses, profoundly grateful for its invitation to make imaginative connections with other minds, he testifies to the fact that there is no reason for anyone to be afraid of James Joyce - quite the opposite."
--For Love of Molly - Times Literary Supplement

"Michael Groden's Ulysses in a many splendored thing. As a primer for genetic criticism, it serves effectively. As a defense of textual scholarship, it argues persuasively. As an apologia for Groden's life choices (professional and private), it engages and entertains elegantly."
--English Literature in Translation 1880-1920

"Warm and inviting, as well as challenging in the best possible sense." … "Vitally important, particularly for the historical discussion of his own experience in genetic criticism in general, and his manuscript work specifically."
--James Joyce Quarterly

"Bring[s] together in one place both the meaning of the book and the deeply personal reasons for reading it...reminds us that real books do indeed read us, that we bring them close to us the better to see ourselves, and that we keep looking at them because their wisdom turns out to be stronger than our own."
--Common Knowledge Fall 2013