A born storyteller, Haught offers interesting, lively, and well-paced accounts of the events he describes, providing a satisfying survey of controversy with deep historical roots that continues to affect science education even today.
--Evolution: Education and Outreach

Going Ape is informative, helping to put the nationwide exploits of the anti-evolutionists in perspective, and, as a bonus, it is enjoyable to read.
--Reports of the National Center for Science Education

This volume occupies a unique place in the burgeoning literature about evolution/creationism battles in the US....Recommended.

An exhaustive history of the efforts in the Legislature and local school boards to stop or counter the teaching of evolution over the past 90 years.
--Daytona Beach News-Journal

As Haught follows the battle over evolution from churches to school boards to the Legislature, the book starts to feel like that dog-eared whodunit you drag out to read each summer vacation.
--Tallahassee Democrat

A meticulous account of the 90-year debate over the teaching of evolution in Florida’s public schools... full of high drama and raw emotion.
--The Weekly Standard

[A] dramatic and compelling story.
--Voice of Reason

An excellent source on the intersection between science and Florida politics and how the debates have shaped education and the industry related to it.
--Journal of Southern History

Carefully documented and clearly written, and particularly strong at showing how average citizens driven by moral commitments can take controversial stands on a deeply divisive topic.
--Florida Historical Quarterly