"An excellent classroom text, and a worthy contribution to public, high school, or undergraduate college library collections."
--The Midwest Book Review

 “A detailed, scholarly consideration that explores all facets of the state’s physical evolution.”
--The Midwest Book Review


 By presenting the geologic history of Florida from an Earth systems perspective and using conversational and descriptive text, this book succeeds in providing a broad overview for educators and inquisitive non-scientists.--
--The Florida Geographer

 If geology intrigues you, this book is probably well worth your time.--
--The Ledger

 An excellent summary of [Florida’s] geologic history which is comprehensive and at the same time, readable.--
--Geological Quarterly

 A very readable history of the geological events that created the shape, land forms and bodies of water that surround Florida....Whether you are a student, scholar, or just interested in learning more about Florida, you will enjoy this easy to understand, beautifully illustrated look at the geology of Florida.--
--The County Insider