The standardized comparative approach used in this work is unique in Maya studies and will be a useful starting point for site-planning studies outside Belize as well. . . .Highly recommended.--

 [Houk] has written a useful synthesis and analysis of Maya architecture in Belize . . . [He] writes clearly, with an approachable style that avoids the drone that architectural reviews often engender.--
--Journal of Anthropological Research

 A solid, workmanlike and badly needed general account of Belize‚Äôs under-valued sites.--

 A tremendous book, intellectually rich, detailed, ambitious, and articulate.--
--Latin American Antiquity

 An important first step in further elucidating how ancient Maya cities developed and changed through time.--
--American Anthropologist

 By comparing fourteen sites scattered across modern Belize . . . Houk allows for new levels of comparative analysis in an understudied region.
--Anthropology News