UPF 75th



"This book is a mandatory purchase for all library collections and should also be considered as a selection for book discussion groups." - Florida Libraries
--Florida Libraries

"A fictional map of the state from Barthelme's "Larroquette" set in the dusty Panhandle to "The Pool People" in which Alison Lurie takes us to a steamy Key West." -St. Petersburg Times.
--St. Petersburg Times

"The stories themselves are superb, having been culled form more than 600 published in literary magazines, books and journals. They paint a disturbing picture of contemporary Florida." -Miami Herald
--Miami Herald

"Weird and wonderful find a home in the collection "100% Pure Florida Fiction." Here's a book about roaches, trailers, Cubans, alligators and cops shooting unarmed drivers. It's about the beach, the suburbs, sweat and weird people. Its all about Florida." --Folioweekly

"A fascinating snapshot of Sunshine State literature at century's end." -Atlanta Journal Consitution
--Atlanta Journal Constitution

"If you want your fiction dripping wet with humidity but as refreshing as orange juice, then the new anthology "100% Pure Florida Fiction" is the perfect read. What the writers most spectacularly do in this book is capture the reality of both Florida's developed and natural landscapes. A fine book for all fiction lovers' summer reading lists." -Tallahassee Democrat
--Tallahassee Democrat