"A carefully researched and tightly argued portrait of the many activities undertaken by these clubwomen." The Journal of American History

 "Johnson's comparative analysis of black and white clubwomen is a notable addition to anyone interested in Progressive Era reforms, not simply southern reform. Yet her most significant contribution is her effort to redefine the New Woman, a term that increasingly lacks a specific historic meaning." Florida Historical Quarterly

 Johnson skillfully contrasts the histories of these white and African American clubwomen and draws upon a rich variety of personal papers and organization records to portray them and the struggles they faced. Register of the Kentucky Historical Society

 …important reading for those interested in southern progressivism, souther women's history, and the history of race relations. Georgia Historical Quarterly

 Southern Ladies, New Women uses South Carolina as a case study for the South, impressively weaving local and state examples into regional and national narratives. The South Carolina Historical Magazine

 …successfully analyzes the complexities of the state's racially segregated club movement… The Journal of African American History

 …offers a refreshing perspective on African American and white southern clubwomen… Florida Historical Quarterly