"A serious, humorous, informative, sad, optimistic, engaging and thought-provoking book." "Will stimulate more much-needed oustide the box discussions on how to manage both fisheries and whales for the benefit of both." Right Whale News

 "Handsomely illustrated and carefully researched." "It is a story whose corollary may be found in similar clashes across the globe." Martha's Vineyard Times

 "Without pointing fingers or laying blame, Tora Johnson explores every angle of the issue in this compelling book." Wildlife Conservation

 "An extremely readable history of whale entanglements in the North Atlantic. Johnson allows the reader to tag along on her journey to discover why, despite the efforts of hundreds of scientists, fishermen, and ordinary citizens on both sides of the border, whale entanglement remains such a serious problem." The SandBar

 "Comprehensive and engaging . . . Whales, fishing and writing are Johnson's areas of expertise. She puts them all together and we get the best of her in this book." Ellsworth American

 "Entanglements explores the issues from all sides." Wildlife Activist

 "A thought-provoking and ultimately melancholy book." Northern Sky News

 "Ms. Johnson has really done her homework in writing this compelling piece. . . After reading her work, one cannot help but understand the complexity of the problem." Flukeprings: Newsletter for the Whale Center of New England

 "could not have been more appropriately titled" "shows the author's understanding of the complex and emotion-laden conflict" The Gulf of Maine Times

 "an alarming glimpse into a future that seems ominous for both the whales and the fishermen"

 "a balanced account of this complex and polarizing issue" Northeastern Naturalist

 "A solid foundation of research supports the work" Canadian Geographic

 "Clearly understands the complexities of this struggle, and writes about it in a very personal and compelling way." "One hopes that all the groups who are directly involved will read Johnson's book and take the necessary measures to resolve this problem." Choice

 "Tora Johnson succeeds in clearly bringing across the multidimensional and complex aspects of the whale of a problem that plagues east coast USA and Canada." Mast

 "An excellent and very readable account of a complex, difficult, and very timely issue." Whale and Dolphin Magazine

 "groundbreaking" The Cape Codder

 "This is not simply a tale of fish killers vs. whale huggers. In wide ranging reporting from small boats at sea cutting lines off whales to uncomfortable meetings with fishermen, Johnson weaves a fascinating story of efforts to protect whales and preserve a fishing culture." Underwater Naturalist

 "This book explores the clash of cultures and personalities among fishermen, scientists and whale advocates struggling to save both the endangered North Atlantic right whale and the livelihoods of thousands of Atlantic coastal families." Sea Technology

 " Johnson's informative, detailed, and very personal account of the effort to save both critically endangered whales and a way of life provides one very tangible example of the many worldwide conflicts arising from constant human demands for finite resources from the enviornment." Aquatic Mammals

 "Explores the clash of cultures and personalities among fishermen, scientists, and whale advocates struggling to save both the endangered North Atlantic right whale and the livelihoods of thousands of Atlantic coastal families. Without pointing fingers or laying blame, the book explores every side of the issue." Abstracts of Public Administration, Development, and Environment