"Tells a story that will resonate with everyone who reads it, whether you love birds, conservation success stories, or biographies, or if you want hard evidence that one person really CAN make a difference in this indifferent world." The Guardian - GrrlScientist

 "Gives life to accounts of scientists living in isolated rural areas in the 1940s, and makes much of what they achieved understandable on a human level." "strong, quick read…" Book News Inc.

 "A powerful nature account highly recommended for any natural history collection." The Midwest Book Review

 "Kathleen Kaska has done a masterful job of writing about a man few people know… Kaska's book is one to be read by not only birders but all who realize the interconnectedness of all species. I hope you make time to read this extremely well researched and documented book." The Galveston County Daily News

 "Black flies, mosquitoes, dehydration- Allen endured them all and more…Kaska reminds us of the extraordinary effort required to keep a magnificent bird from slipping into oblivion." Birdwatching Magazine

 "Competent,straightforward, and evocative." The Bookwyrm's Hoard (blog)

 "Reads like the adventure story it is; a story of one man’s dedication to these birds…I couldn’t put it down!" Texas NOW Magazine

 "A compelling personal story" The American Ornithologists' Union

 "After years of grueling, life-threatening exploration by foot, canoe, and footplane, Audubon ornithologist Robert Allen found the [nesting] site...his remarkable feat is documented in Kathleen Kaska’s book." Audubon Magazine

 "A great read." Bella Online