[Presley] comes back to life in the pages of Bob Kealing’s Elvis Ignited. . . . This is the Elvis that created the legend: young, beautiful, raw and revolutionary, a shot of pure energy into mid-century America.
--Tampa Bay Times

 Fascinating stories about the singer’s early career in the Sunshine State.
--Florida Today

 Reveal[s] Florida’s crucial role in the life and musical careers of the king of rock ‘n’ roll. . . . The first comprehensive record of a real turning point in American musical history.
--Orlando Sentinel

 This book has the energy of Elvis’s hip-shaking and leg-shaking performances. At once mythic and credible, it’s a kind of creation story. It’s a time and place not to be forgotten, and Bob Kealing makes it exquisitely memorable.
--Florida Weekly

 A persuasive argument that Presley’s “moonshot” to fame could not have happened without Florida. . . . Deftly captures a pre-Interstate Florida where an anonymous Presley would be traveling for grueling hours down every two-laner in the state in his signature automobile.
--Palm Beach Post

 Kealing . . . takes his time with folks from across the region as they share firsthand stories of their time with Presley. --
--Creative Loafing Tampa Bay