A thought-provoking contribution to our understanding of community-building among colonial Latin American women. --
--A Contra Corriente: A Journal on Social History and Literature in Latin America

 Well-written and insightful. --
--Colonial Latin American Historical Review

 This work will engage other scholars. --
--Journal of Latin American Studies

 An interesting and ambitious study of the discourses associated with convent life in Mexico. --
--The Catholic Historical Review

 Kirk’s agenda is a valuable and logical step in the progression of critical studies on convent writing, and on Sor Juana in particular. . . . Contributes to our understanding of the complex relationships--male and female, as well as female and female--of religious members and colonial religious institutions. --
--Latin American Research Review

 Helps to illuminate a highly understudied section of Early Modern history. . . . The importance of the kind of innovative theoretical work undertaken by this text, in terms of source material and selection of critics, cannot be over-emphasized. --
--Journal of International Women’s Studies