A universal proof of how ethnic and national identities may be intrinsically linked.
--Ethnic and Racial Studies

“An important starting point for a new sensitivity to identities that may recognize the field of Jewish studies in Brazil with new questions, new themes, new sources, and new problems.”
--H-Net Reviews

"Treat[s] the themes here included with anthropological rigor and balanced humor… a stimulating study… very valuable for all interested in cultural anthropology and Jewish matters in Latin America.”

“Misha Klein’s volume Kosher Feijoada… is a welcome addition to the historiography.”
--Latin American Jewish Studies

“Klein’s personal accounts are very entertaining and informative, as she has a sharp and ethnographic eye and writes with an easy sense of humor about all of the difficulties and concessions of being Jewish in Sao Paulo… Klein underscores quite rightly that one of the most outstanding characteristics of Brazilian Jews is their Brazilianness.”

“The text shines a light on one of Sao Paulo’s large and important minority communities, and it does so with grace and respect. Klein treats her human subjects with sensitivity… Accordingly, the text is invaluable to any course about Jewish identity or the role of ethnic and racial minorities in Latin America.”

Kosher Feijoada -- which touches, among very many other topics, on the ways Jewish Brazilians have incorporated and adapted elements of Brazilian food -- is a welcome addition to the historiography.
--Latin American Research Review