…informative, well-written book…

 …a valuable and original addition to the field of Caribbean Studies.
--Image [&] Narrative

 …an impressive study that offers new insights into the struggle for advocacy in and the collage-like nature of Caribbean literature.
--Image [&] Narrative

 " The real strength of his work lies in its close reading of canonical francophone Caribbean texts."
--Research in African Literatures

 " This book contributes significantly to the study of Francophone Caribbean literature. Larrier skillfully and convincingly addresses the issues of self-representation, advocacy, and identity through pertinent examples of autofictions that challenge our understanding of Martinican, Guadeloupean and Haitian societies' complex forces."
--French Review

 " Excellent close-text studies of contemporary novels, the strength of the study being reinforced by a thoroughly researched context. Every good library should have this study in its collection, and it should also be on every serious Caribbean scholar's shelves."
--Caribbean Studies