"Particularly effective in describing and contextualizing the primary transitions in Arthur Link's career--discovering the Woodrow Wilson papers while in graduate school, winning a Princeton University appointment, leaving the university in 1949, and returning to it in 1960--and the ways in which these transitions affected the family." The North Carolina Historical Review

 "This engaging book tells multiple stories well." The Journal of Southern History

 "Link, himself an accomplished and award-winning historian, puts his parents’ lives in context of a world-changing era whose elements included World War II, the coming of integration, and the Cold War." Forum Magazine

 “An interesting… portrait of a hard-working historian who was almost fanatically devoted to his calling.” Florida Historical Quarterly

 “The story of the remarkable partnership of two southern-born intellectuals who navigated the rapidly-changing America of the mid-twentieth century… Links offers fresh insights into the changes in the post-war South.” The Journal of Southern Religion