By combining ethnography, history and performance studies, Majeed seamlessly waves together the theological, legal, and sociological dynamics of living polygyny . . . This is among those rare books that are at once methodologically exciting and complex and yet astonishingly accessible and well-written. New Books in African American Studies

 A riveting and incredibly lucid portrayal of a complicated phenomenon that brings together intimate individual stories and the broader historical societal conditions that generate those stories in a remarkably effective fashion. Transcultural Islam Research Network

 An honest, realistic, and most importantly, nonjudgmental look and discussion at the many ways polygyny is lived in North America. Al Jumuah Magazine

 An interesting exploration of African American Muslim living polygyny. Journal of International Women’s Studies

 A compelling narrative. . . . Dispel[s] myths and at the same time provokes thought and questions. This is a well-conceived and written text that will, as Majeed desires, open dialogue. Reading Religion

 Challenges a widely held assumption regarding Muslim women’s lack of agency within their families and lives. This work is fundamental to informing social service program design and intervention within Muslim communities. American Journal of Islamic Social Sciences