One of the first books in nearly three decades that dares to explore the Cuban Revolution from its origins through Raul Castro’s government….[Revolutionary Cuba] takes readers through more than 60 years of historical twists and turns.-- NBC Miami

 Helpful to anyone trying to understand present-day Cuba.-- CubaNews

 This is a meticulously documented, well-organized, clear and impartial history of a revolution that has provoked rivers of ink.-- El Nuevo Dia Movil

 Obligated reading to understand Cuba and the Caribbean in the last fifty years.-- El Vocero de Puerto Rico

 A passionate and robust book. . . .provides a strong narrative and, as the reconciliation and economic integration of Cuba and the Cuban diaspora accelerates following the post-December 2014 normalization of US-Cuban relations, an increasingly significant perspective.-- Social History

 Powerful and emotional . . . captures the stakes faced by the individual heroes of this book.-- H-Net Reviews