“Well-crafted insights about the many ways football reflects and challenges Latin American societies.”
--Kirkus Reviews

 “A great beginners guide to understanding the Latin American game.”
--Deseret News

 “Well-researched, wide-ranging, and engagingly written.”
--New Books in Sports

 “A must read for any soccer fans who ever wanted to learn more [about] Latin America’s approach to the beautiful game.”
--Latino Sports

 A book that while speaking well of futbol in general and its importance in Latin America, we find a pleasant story of our little-known female futbol history.--

 One of the best English-language books on soccer in Latin America. --

 An engaging history of Latin America’s most prevalent sport that adds to our understanding of nationalism and imagined communities. . . . This book argues for soccer’s relevance in understanding Latin America and captures the game’s drama, joy, and despair through vignettes of famous players and matches.
--Hispanic American Historical Review