"Highly inventive, complex, and diverse, like Brazil, this book engages in a conversation with other genres and other traditions; and like Brazil, it rises like an island in the academic publishing field of Latin American studies where by far the themes favored are those related to Spanish America." The Latin Americanist

 "Perrone is a consummate truffle hunter with a keen eye for the odd but suggestive poem, the overlooked writer, and the oblique reference. He achieves a remarkable synthesis of contemporary Brazilian poetic production, its intersection with other arts, and its hemispheric vocation. I would be tempted to call it Perrone's opus, but its clear that he still has so much more to say about the ever-evolving field of Brazilian poetry in a global context." Review: Literature and Arts of the Americas

 An original and important book. . . . Perrone takes us on a daring alternative voyage whose logic responds to new ways of thinking of culture and art internationally.-- Hispania

 Perrone has contributed an opening salvo by thinking through the different media that constitute cultural diplomacy, and we can look forward to understanding how newer literacies allow others to speak and the North to listen.-- Journal of Latin American and Caribbean Archaeology

 A solid contribution to the emerging fields of inter-American literature, New World Studies, and transamerican poetics. . . . [Perrone] writes imaginatively and with intellectual verve, displaying a true passion not only for the authors and texts, but also for the New World fellowship that inspired them.-- Luso-Brazillian Review

 Perrone's outstanding Brazil, Lyric, and the Americas examines the place of Brazilian poetry in the context of the Americas from the 1990s to the present. . . . One of the few excellent books in English that introduce the vast territory of Brazilian poets to a wide audience, showing how their work emerged from the Tropics during the last decade of the 20th century and into the new millennium.-- Latin American Literary Review