A worthwhile addition to the discussion of Florida’s environmental history.-- Lakeland Ledger

 A serious academic dealing with women’s role in preserving Florida’s natural assets, but it also contains the elements of a horror story. . . .It is truly a miracle that any of Florida’s natural environments has survived into the 21st century. . .[and] Leslie Kemp Poole deserves praise for her copious research and for creating a highly readable account of the role of women in preserving Florida’s unique natural resources.-- St. Augustine Record

 Poole also shines the spotlight on less familiar figures, women who fought tirelessly for clean air and clean water, who led efforts to beautify the cities and conserve the native forests and who pushed for and were instrumental in establishing the first state park and the first national wildlife refuge . . . this book draws readers in.-- CHOICE

 The true history of conservation and environmental accomplishments in Florida.-- Car and Diner

 Makes significant contributions to the broader fields of American history and environmental history by continually placing the actions of Florida women within the context of activists, groups, and events across the country.-- American Historical Review

 Engaging and interesting, Saving Florida fills substantial historical gaps and acknowledges influential, often neglected, environmental voices. . . . It could inspire a new generation of activists who, like those Poole depicts, transformed Florida and the nation.-- Environmental History

 An ambitious analysis of Florida women’s involvement with local, state, and national conservation and environmental efforts. . . . Offer[s] insight into these women’s actions and motivations as well as an understanding of their devotion to Florida’s future.-- Journal of American History

 A welcome addition to the growing literature on environmentalism. Poole rescues from obscurity many women who fought tirelessly to protect and conserve Florida's natural resources, and she reminds historians that many similar stories remain untold.-- Journal of Southern History

 Important, relevant and timely. . . . Recommended reading. Florida Scientist